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What the new DF Nikon is all about

Its been awhile I haven’t felt this hyped up about a newly announce camera from Nikon, so I decided to write something about this new so called “retro” camera. The retro camera seems to be a trend lately for the past few years when fuji launched a few retro looking cameras like the x100, or xm1, I don’t really know much about Fuji cameras as I don’t use Fuji cameras but a few fellow photographers has been creating some really beautiful images out of it. Sony RX1 was the closest retro camera that got me interest as it was a full frame camera, it was a nice to have beautiful camera.

Okay, allow me to vent some frustration first for nikon’s announcements for the past years, nikon’s new camera has been pretty disappointing for me as a photographer. The much awaited d700 replacement, d800, came with a insane 36mpx sensor which in my line of work doesnt need thiiiiiiiiissssss muuuuucchhhh of megapixels, really? To top it off, d800 came with a gooey greenish screen. D4’s arrival was pretty good, but it came same price as a rocket, and a ┬ánowhere to be found or heard of XQD card slots. if i were to pay a rocket price for a camera, i wouldn’t want a useless card slot in it. D4 just wasnt the camera I wanted, I was hoping for a new camera announcement, something like the d700, a shadow of the d3s. D600 announcement was also pretty disappointing, still a little high on the megapixel side with really crappy focusing points, but i lots of videographers loved the d600. ­čśÇ ┬áDon’t get my wrong, I don’t hate the d800(but i really do hate the LCD screen) or the d600, ┬áI own both of these cameras for my studio, I’ve also created some really lovely work from them as well, but its just not the right camera for me.

So what the DF is all about here? Lets get through the specs i copied and pasted from the great internet.

  • 16 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor (same as D4)
  • ISO 100-25,600 (expandable to ISO 50 – 204,800 equiv)
  • Maximum 5.5 fps continuous shooting
  • 39-point AF system with 9 cross-type AF points (same as D610)
  • 3.2-inch, 921k-dot LCD screen
  • Compatible with virtually all Nikon F-mount lenses (including pre-Ai standard)
  • Single SD card slot
  • EN-EL14a battery (quoted endurance of ~1400 exposures)
  • 100% full viewfinder
  • Weather sealed same as D800

16 mpx!! great ISO control as the D4! I have a whole range of nikon original lenses collected throughout my career for these past years, I could use them all for this camera. yay!

I only could hope that the screen doesn’t give a greenish tint like my d800, Probably the only complain I have is the d600’s 39-focus point tend to be very concentrated to the middle of the viewfinder, making it quite hard to compose the shot at times,┬áif they could’ve maintain the d700’s 51 focusing points that would be great.

So what about the limitation of ┬ámaximum shutter speed at only 1/4000, and the slowest shutter speed is 30″ ,┬áI rarely shoot anything that goes up till 1/2000 or anything lesser than 1 second exposure, so its fine for me. 5.5fps is just nice as well, its not too slow, sufficient.

Am I getting one of this? Hell yeah! Not getting it for the retro design or being sentimental, I’m getting it for it’s spec. I want something like this, the retro look is just a bonus for me.

Can’t wait to test run this baby for my first wedding shoot in December. I’m getting a silver one like below.

Photo Credit to Nikon USA



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