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A special testimonial

It has been quite sometime since my last entry. yet again, i’ve been working on getting a nice template and a portfolio section for my site, and they are up! feel free to browse them :).

Today, i received a special thank you from one of my recent client, Ivan and Tseyi. The package is nicely wrapped with a little note “Thanks for the beautiful photos!”.


As a photographer, words of appreciation meant alot to us. Its like winning a war! 😀

Wedding assignment is like going to a battlefield. For a soldier, when you’re going to a war, you pick up your gun and you take your shot, every shot you take means life and death! For us wedding photographers, every moment we’re on a wedding assignment, it is crucial to stay focus, we cant afford to miss a shot, else it will be gone forever. We always have to be ready and alert for the next important moment.

Yes, its a looooong tiring process. What keeps us going is our never ending passion. At the end of our assignment, the thank you from our clients keeps us going. Every thank you note we receive means alot to us, it means our clients are very happy and appreciate our work, it means we delivered quality work. The thanks is what keep us going.

Well, Ivan and tse yi went a mile further thanking us for our hardwork for the day, they actually got us a little gift in a nicely wrapped little fake diamond wrapper.  Thank you very much for the gift. 🙂

Your thank you isn’t as simple as a gift, its a special testimonial, a recognition to a photographer’s art, to my art. 🙂

As for what is inside this nice wrapping paper? i will keep it to myself. 🙂

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