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Getting Real in Louis Pang’s Workshop

Louis Pang has always been my inspiration in my photography work. Since 2007, I had this great opportunity to assist him in a few assignments he had in Penang. Since then, I’ve learned alot by the professional himself and had been greatly inspired to be a wedding photographer.

For the past few months, I have been scouting around for a good affordable workshop. I have been wanting to attend a serious workshop for some time, but have always delayed it due to my busy work schedule. I found out Louis Pang is offering a 4 days workshop, most of other workshops are just 1 or 2 days, I figured i will learn more in a 4 days class with a professional in the industry than just a day’s class. So, without much hesitation, I signed up for the class.

In the 4 days class, Louis had enlightened me alot on his well planned sessions throughout the 4 days. One of the interesting sessions were photo critique sessions whereby we will select a few of our best shots and let Louis critique our shots the same way our shots were judge in WPPI judging process.  The other interesting part of the workshop is Louis’s assignment which simulates an actual wedding day assignments with constraint time and lots of pressure. Throughout the workshop, Louis has been generous enough sharing his experience and thoughts, not to mention, his business strategies, digital workflow, ideas on photobook design, photo editing. He is like an open book and was patient enough to answer my questions.

My objective of attending Louis’s class wasn’t to be able to shoot like Louis Pang. But to learn and inspired by one of the top professional in the industry.  Its like adding more fuel to my burning passion. Louis described photography career is like building a rocket, if you want your rocket to fly a short distance, from Johor to singapore, then you don’t need a big rocket, if you want your rocket flying further away to other end of the world, you would need a bigger rocket. Imagine you want a rocket to fly to the moon?  The question is, how much are you investing in building this rocket and how far do you want to go?

All in all, I had a great time attending this workshop. Louis had given me much guidance and inspiration.  I highly recommend this workshop to people who wants to bring their photography business to the next level. Although the class did not go through much into flashy technical techniques, I had still learned much to keep things simple and be extraordinary in my wedding assignments. Most importantly Louis had inspired me to shoot differently, shoot from my heart,  to be myself. I have gained much from this workshop looking at the shots I’ve done in my last week’s wedding, from capturing the moments, appreciating the lighting of the venue and shooting beautiful portraits in my assignments, I’ve improved alot. Thanks Louis.

Oh, of course, not to miss out, the new bunch of new friends I’ve got to know. My fellow photographers and models. We had a great time learning together in the 4 days workshop.

Here are some shots i did in the class. Enjoy 🙂

Part of assignment, keeping things simple 🙂

Louis giving some thoughts sharing after the assignment and Louis doing his shooting demo

Our classroom

Me with the pro himself 😀

and a group photo of course! 😀

Thanks again Louis! See you at creative asia!

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