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Project 001 – Shooting moving cars in a moving car

Here is my first project idea. “Cars”

Although I’ve shot many display cars, however i’m never fascinated by the shots i get. I want the car to be in motion while i take my shot. Panning…of course, panning is the key to shoot moving cars, but still i want to make this project a little more interesting by shooting a moving car in a moving car.

The idea to this is combining two key elements shooting a car, firstly low angle shot, and secondly, motion. Usually my shots are taken either in motion or a stationary low angle shot, which i think just doesnt give enough ommmph to the shot i get.

Basically, i would need to get a model car, probably a new civic, not sure if i can find any, i need a long straight road and 2 volunteers. 1st volunteer would be driving the civic, while 2nd would be driving me, while i’ll be shooting from the moving car at a low angle, with an open sidedoor.

I would need two volunteers and a nice car to shoot.

My Difficulty Rate(1-10) : 6

Requirements: 2 volunteers and a car.


Project completed:
Thanks to WC for helping me being my driver 🙂 and KS for his awesome car and co-operation


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