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What an awesome way to end 2016. We had to cover 8 weddings in december and it has been an extremely fun journey for us. Daniel & Vicky was one of our lovely couples who tied the knot last december 2016 in a very special way, they had some fun giving the guys some challenge in the morning and had a beautiful ceremony in Glasshouse Seputeh.

2016 has been a really awesome year for us. We have met and shot for many beautiful couples from all around the world. Chris and Stephanie is one of the lovely couple who came all the way from HongKong to celebrate their special day here in penang in this beautiful blue mansion, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. There are many heritage mansions around penang, and this mansion definitely is one of the few best place for photography. I can understand why Chris and Steph decide to have a little portraiture here and a reception.

We celebrated Daniel & Lisa’s who came all the way from Perth to tie the knot here in ParkRoyal Penang Resort. It was one of the prettiest and easy going wedding we had shot for the year, Lisa had booked us almost a year ahead prior to their big day. We absolutely enjoyed the day capturing the beautiful moments for the day. Check it out below!

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It has been a seriously packed shooting schedule for the past months, we had captured so many beautiful weddings for our awesome couples and we cant wait to share all of them. Hopefully!

But for this time, allow me to share Sharon and Derek’s beautiful wedding. Both of them had met through a simple game of tennis, and Derek had made his first move from there and since then everything is history. So last month, they decided to tie the knot with a tennis theme wedding in Rasa Sayang Resort.

Without further ado, check out some of the shots below.

The 2nd part of Seow Hoong & Aizad’s ceremony in which they had a simple chinese traditional wedding in the beautiful heritage 23 love lane hotel in penang, and then proceed for a reception in E&O Hotel.

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