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Here is my first project idea. “Cars”

Although I’ve shot many display cars, however i’m never fascinated by the shots i get. I want the car to be in motion while i take my shot. Panning…of course, panning is the key to shoot moving cars, but still i want to make this project a little more interesting by shooting a moving car in a moving car.

The idea to this is combining two key elements shooting a car, firstly low angle shot, and secondly, motion. Usually my shots are taken either in motion or a stationary low angle shot, which i think just doesnt give enough ommmph to the shot i get.

Basically, i would need to get a model car, probably a new civic, not sure if i can find any, i need a long straight road and 2 volunteers. 1st volunteer would be driving the civic, while 2nd would be driving me, while i’ll be shooting from the moving car at a low angle, with an open sidedoor.

I would need two volunteers and a nice car to shoot.

My Difficulty Rate(1-10) : 6

Requirements: 2 volunteers and a car.


Project completed:
Thanks to WC for helping me being my driver 🙂 and KS for his awesome car and co-operation


Welcome myself to my one and only photoblog. Basically, I started this blog to share with everyone my photography ideas, projects which pops out of my head.  Here is a brief intro about myself, i’m not a blogger, i’m just a photographer, so if my blog do becomes bimbo, its definitely not what i’ve intended.

My passion for photography started a few year back, when my friend wanted me to use her SLR to take a picture for her, thats when i first handheld an SLR, my first thought was “Gee, this fat thing got to go someday”, then next was complaining about the no live-view about that bulky camera. So, eventually, i had no choice but to use the viewfinder to compose my shot then i depress the shutter button to capture my shot. That instant, I was caught up by the wooooooo i have for the camera. I reviewed the picture, and the picture is just remarkable. I had totally forgot about my complain on the live view and its weight. My passion for photography was tatooed on that faithful day, on my company’s family day outing.

I started off photography with a kit lens when my father got me my 1st DSLR, a Canon 350D. I had outings by myself, just me and my camera, no wait..i should say, just me and my SLR. Every shot i take, every click i heard from the shutter does nothing less but burns my passion for photography. From there onwards, i accumulated more of my own camera gears throughout the year and here is where am i now, today. I’ve done many potraits shots, landscape, a little of macro and lots of wedding event shots.

I will be blogging lots of photo projects here to keep myself reminded that there are lots of things to shoot in the future when i’m not engaged in any shots over the weekend. So, stay tuned.

  • July 29, 2008 - 2:15 pm

    Yao, Daphnie - Hi Victor,

    I heard you are Inteler and me too working in PG12 building. can you please help to shoot my son (19 mths old)? How much u charge?

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