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Aizad & Seow Hoong – Akad Nikah Ceremony

I remember a year ago Seow Hoong had contacted us for their big day, and we were extremely excited to be shooting an interracial wedding for Aizad and Seow Hoong, a true 1malaysia wedding. We had a blast capturing and witness this beautiful occasion.

Without further ado, allow us to share the pictures in two separate posts, one for the nikah ceremony and another for the chinese ceremony.

aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0001 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0014 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0013 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0008 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0027 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0029 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0028 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0031 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0033 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0035 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0038 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0039 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0042 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0043 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0044 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0047 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0048 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0050 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0051 aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0054  aizadseowhoong_nikahblog_0056

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