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Celebrating JoeWen & Alexandra

Its been an awesome 1st quarter of the year. We were pretty tied down with lots of shooting and delivering our great pictures to our dear clients. Nevertheless, I still dug out some time to share this amazing set of beautiful moment pictures of our recent wedding, Joewen and Alexandra are doctors based in Australia, and they decided to come back to their hometown here in penang to tie the knot in one of the best hotels in penang E&O hotel for morning ceremony and dinner reception in Rasa Sayang Resort Penang. Joewen is a quiet but down to earth groom while Alexandra is a bubbly happy bride, we had a blast capturing these beautiful moments of the day.

Check out the pics!

JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0003 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0002

JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0017 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0021 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0030








JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0015 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0039 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0041
JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0036 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0038 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0037 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0049

JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0047 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0051 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0050


JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0054 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0055 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0056

JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0062 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0063 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0064a JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0067


JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0070 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0073 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0082 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0084 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0087 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0093a JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0093 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0095

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