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Tarcker & Jane’s big day celebration @ E&O Hotel Penang

Its been a while since the last blog entry, and I’ve been really busy catching up clearing all our really really awesome pre-wedding work in the past month. However, as more pre-wedding posts will come next, I’ll stick to sharing one of our really fun wedding which we shot last month.

For this entry, we’ll be celebrating Tarcker & Jane’s big day, the day was fun filled with lots of gate crashing games prepped by the bridesmaid for the really sporting groomsmen. We were laughing all the way throughout this morning session. Without further ado, we’ll let the photos do the rest of the blogging for us. 🙂

Tarcker&Jane-0012 Tarcker&Jane-0027 Tarcker&Jane-0043 Tarcker&Jane-0084 Tarcker&Jane-0134 Tarcker&Jane-0174 Tarcker&Jane-0188 Tarcker&Jane-0203 Tarcker&Jane-0207 Tarcker&Jane-0242 Tarcker&Jane-0259 Tarcker&Jane-0262 Tarcker&Jane-0279 Tarcker&Jane-0302 Tarcker&Jane-0338 Tarcker&Jane-0349 Tarcker&Jane-0376 Tarcker&Jane-0384 Tarcker&Jane-0396 Tarcker&Jane-0654 Tarcker&Jane-0725


  • January 4, 2015 - 4:48 pm

    Linda Oon - Would like to enquire on your actual day wedding photography fees and packages.
    My wedding will be on 14 November 2015 at Maple Palace Penang.

    Thank you.

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