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Nikon D750 – My Personal Review

The announcement for D750 came as a surprise for me despite having so many other new camera announcements these two years like the D810, Df and the D4s and D600. Some of you who knows me, would also know that I complain alot about the Nikon cameras I own these recent years and I’ve pretty much owned every new camera the Nikon has announced except the D4 and D4s in which I have not purchase due to some personal reasons and the hefty price tag. Arguably Nikon makes really good cameras, I’ve churned out tonnes of beautiful shots from the D800 and Df which I own, but I personally felt these cameras aren’t really build for photographers. Though the Df is acclaimed to be “I am pure photography”, it feels more like a toy camera to me, to shoot a real fast paced wedding? meh….. While the D800 produces godzilla resolution, its really not a camera for heavy shooters like me, the godzilla in the d800 even affected it’s LCD screen to have a greenish godzilla tinted color. Lastly, the d600 is just great at shooting statues. I guess in recent years, Nikon has been shifting alot of their attention to videography features, and they are trying really hard to capture the videography market from Canon till they’ve forgotten about the photographers. I don’t blame them, its just business.

Before we continue to my personal opinion, I would like to make it clear that I’m not trying to sell or condemning the new D750 here, nor trying to imply that the D800, Df and D600 are louzy cameras. They are great cameras and I have created beautiful pictures using these cameras. A great photographer can make the best image out of any camera, you just need to understand how to use them properly to their best. I’m writing this because alot of my friends and fellow photographers has been asking me how I feel about this camera.


The D750: My personal opinion

I will try to keep things short and simple, I will not be writing about how great the ISO or the image quality of this camera, seriously, Nikon always put in some of the best sensors out there for their cameras. Google for Nikon D750 reviews and you will find tonnes of detailed ISO explanations and technical specifications down till every single pixel. So, I will not bore you about the image quality and ISO performance here, they’re no doubt superior.

What I would like to share here is about how to see this camera as a photographer for daily usage.


The Grip

Let me start by commenting about the camera’s grip, as this is the first thing you will feel when you grab the d750. The first time I held up the camera, it feels really good, I could get a really good grip on this small and lightweight camera. It feels like lying down on a soft feather bed which perfectly wraps around your body, its sooo comfy. Nikon has put some magic in it, make it a deeper grip, and its really comfortable to hold it compared to the D600, or D800, the D750’s grip fits perfectly into my hands, my staff photographer who had this camera confirms this too. If you’re a photographer like me who are constantly on assignments which shoots from morning till night, you’d be so glad to have a good grip on your DSLR. A hooray for Nikon. However, the camera is a little too light and it shakes a little when you’re moving very fast to shoot, just take some practice to get use to this.

Conclusion: Really goooood!



The Autofocus

Autofocus is superior as claimed by Nikon, they are responsive and tack sharp. Comparable to my current D3s, I could focus and shoot with this camera with confidence, when I tell it to track focus on my subject, it does it’s job. Even at extreme hard to focus conditions like backlighting is a no problem for this camera. The new group focusing feature is quite impressive as well, it picks 4 points of the focusing system and maintain focus on that area covered in the 4 points, and it works flawlessly, impressive. However, I stopped using it, because its covering too big space in my composition, so I swapped back to one-point tracking. But I foresee in certain occasions I would use this group focusing feature, especially when my subjects are bigger in my composition. Other autofocus feature like the AF-A is pretty common, I don’t use it because I don’t like to let my camera decide when to do one-shot focus, when to do continuous.

Conclusion: Works damn well!


ISO Performance

Go google D750 ISO performance and you will find lots of ISO test images plus how much RAW file dynamic range you can pull. As I said, I won’t bore you with these details, I’m sharing personal experience, not a technical write up. All I can say is ISO and image quality is not an issue at all. The camera’s sensor is currently ranked at 6th spot in DxO mark test if it does matters to you in any way.

Conclusion: Good noise control and dynamic range. Its not only good, its nikon good!


New Stuffs

Tilting screen, not important for me, so I’m not commenting on this. Although its a plus that I don’t have to lay low to grab low angle shots, but I hope it doesn’t break easily too. If I need to get low, I’ll lay low, vice versa I will climb higher if I need a higher angle. Liveview screens are too slow to capture moments. But it’s still useful for pre-wedding work. But I would say landscape or interior photographers would find this tilting screen helpful for that extra height.

Wifi – Doesn’t work very well for me, I tried connecting to my iphone once, but its pretty slow and sluggish and disconnects, maybe some settings weren’t set properly, but I couldn’t be bothered about this feature. Rather have it off and save some power.

Custom color calibrated LCD screen – now you can calibrate the LCD screen to fit your computer, this feature was inherited from the D4s. I needn’t have to tweak the tone on my LCD screen as the screen is already very accurate by default. The d800 users would need this feature badly to cope with the godzilla greenish tint on their LCD screens. It would sometimes even confuses you that you’re taking the wrong exposure.

Effects –  not that I need it, but its quite fun playing with the miniature effect on camera, check it out.



After my first assingment with the D750, I had a weird problem when I’m shooting with this new cam.

The playback viewing of photos is a little glitchy. When you press on the play button, it tend to play the last picture of the first folder of the first memory card, instead of the latest shot you take. I almost pee in my pants when I saw this happen, as I thought the photos weren’t writing into the memory card!!! I had to go through the trouble to slowly browse till the end of the folder which took me forever slowly pressing down down down down down, and its absolutely annoying when I shoot a wedding, I don’t have time for this. The same thing happened to the other D750, both units behave the same problem, I’m suspecting the firmware has a little problem, the camera tends to forget what was the last shot I had taken, and I need to take one or two more new shots to bring it back to the latests shot I’ve taken. Weird behaviour??

Other than that, I don’t have much issues, I did accidentally switched to DX mode while changing lens, but I would blame it on my clumsy fat hands.



Yea, the D750 records video. Period.


My verdict:

D750 comes close to my ideal camera as a photographer, I’m confident using it, its autofocus is reliable, image quality is there, and I can finally found something to replace the D700 which is as good.  This camera is better than the d600 and the df, and maybe the D810, I’ve used the D800 and I hated it due to its greenish Godzilla screen, not that it affects the image quality, but its a turn off.

If you’re planning to buy a D610, you may ditch the idea now as D750 is a way much better investment, I don’t see a point in getting a D610 with a small price difference for a new one, unless you’re being offered a really cheap D610.

If you’re planning to buy D810 now, you may ditch the idea as well, if you don’t need the godzilla resolution and the godlike dynamic range. D750’s dynamic range is really really good enough.

If you’re planning to buy the Df now, you may ditch the idea if you want a good camera, although Df is a good camera but it comes with a really crappy autofocus, buy the Df if you’re shooting lots of statues and you like vintage cameras and to pick up girls. If you’re shooting people, especially indoor, you’re going to have a hard time.

If you’re planning to buy D4s now, please buy the D4s, because obviously money is not a problem for you.

I’m giving my opinion amongst all Nikon cameras, and not putting in other cameras from Canon as I personally felt Nikon does makes better cameras, the same reason why I left canon 4 years ago. I’ve also considered moving back to canon, but I guess D750 would be the reason I’m staying back.


Happy Shooting guys!


  • December 14, 2014 - 1:49 am

    Jesús - Hi,

    First of all thank you for your amazing review. I really love this camera and much more after your review.
    Lately I´ve read in a lot of forums than the Nikon D750 suffer from some kind of rare reflection that could ruin some pictures taken in back-lit conditions with the sun out of the frame.
    Did you experience this problem in any of your pictures?
    Here you can find some examples of this issue:

    People are worried about the possibility of we were facing a similar situation that we suffered with the Nikon D600 that were replaced with the Nikon D610 due to its oil problems in the sensor.

    Thanks in advanced.

  • December 16, 2014 - 10:17 am

    Victor - Hello Jesús, so far I dont have this problem at all on both my units. 🙂 Perhaps you could wait a little longer for more people to test the camera out if you’re worried this is an issue.

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