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Its been an awesome 1st quarter of the year. We were pretty tied down with lots of shooting and delivering our great pictures to our dear clients. Nevertheless, I still dug out some time to share this amazing set of beautiful moment pictures of our recent wedding, Joewen and Alexandra are doctors based in Australia, and they decided to come back to their hometown here in penang to tie the knot in one of the best hotels in penang E&O hotel for morning ceremony and dinner reception in Rasa Sayang Resort Penang. Joewen is a quiet but down to earth groom while Alexandra is a bubbly happy bride, we had a blast capturing these beautiful moments of the day.

Check out the pics!

JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0003 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0002

JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0017 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0021 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0030








JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0015 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0039 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0041
JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0036 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0038 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0037 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0049

JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0047 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0051 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0050


JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0054 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0055 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0056

JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0062 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0063 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0064a JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0067


JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0070 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0073 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0082 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0084 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0087 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0093a JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0093 JoeWen&Alexandra_blog_0095

Here is one long overdue post which I’ve should’ve done many months back, but due to the overwhelming wedding assignments we had, this post had to be delay till today. But how can we not share such awesome wedding of Sharon and Danny, and we were honored to be able to do some beautiful portrait work in Hilton Hotel prior to the dinner.

Check out the big day below!

Danny&Sharon_0001 Danny&Sharon_0096 Danny&Sharon_0064 Danny&Sharon_0149 Danny&Sharon_0136 Danny&Sharon_0118




Danny&Sharon_0107 Danny&Sharon_0164 Danny&Sharon_0168 Danny&Sharon_0194 Danny&Sharon_0262 Danny&Sharon_0273 Danny&Sharon_0289 Danny&Sharon_0292


Danny&Sharon_0306 Danny&Sharon_0321 Danny&Sharon_0333 Danny&Sharon_0344 Danny&Sharon_0395 Danny&Sharon_0486 Danny&Sharon_0549 Danny&Sharon_0560 Danny&Sharon_0605 Danny&Sharon_0606 Danny&Sharon_0679 VHP_7080 Danny&Sharon_0755 Danny&Sharon_0760

I simply love Penang, not just for it’s awesome selection of food, it also comes with very beautiful heritage buildings. Seven Terraces Hotel is one of the few hotels which I’ve never get much chances to shoot in. This time around, I’m super duper lucky to be capturing moments for Ming and Amanda in this beautiful hotel and I had a good time witnessing and capturing this small intimate sweet wedding.

Check out our work! Don’t forget to drop us a little comment.

Make up by: Sam Khor

Wedding Planning/Deco: Andus from Floralsense

Cinematographer: JXS Cinematography

VHP_2679 VHP_2803

VHP_2773 WWS_2456

VHP_3325 VHP_3055


VHP_3453 QWC_4888 QWC_4719



VHP_3660 VHP_3648 VHP_3736



VHP_3799 VHP_3823 VHP_3867


WWS_2756 WWS_2804 VHP_4124 VHP_4228 VHP_4219 VHP_4633 VHP_4596 VHP_4452 VHP_5077 VHP_5097


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    Janet - Could you let me know your quotation for actual day wedding photography? Thanks

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    May I know the rate of Hong Kong pre wedding package please?

It was our honor to get to know Ceaser and his lovely bride Eva who had contacted us to arrange for a pre-wedding in Penang. Ceaser is down to earth funny and talkative groom who keeps Eva entertained all the time throughout our pre-wedding session. We had a really enjoyable time getting to know this pair of love birds who flew in all the way from Miri to have their pre-wedding session done in our famous heritage penang.

Check out the awesome pre-wedding session here.

WWS_8652 WWS_8712 WWS_8776 WWS_8783 VHP_8237 VHP_8170 WWS_8838 VHP_8006 WWS_9654 WWS_9602 WWS_9524 WWS_8999

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    CL - Im looking for prewedding and actual day photography. Could you provide your quote?

We had a ton of fun capturing these special moments for our lovely couple Tabhita & Caleb who came back all the way from Perth Australia to have their very special wedding in our famous heritage Eastern & Oriental Hotel. No just the groom and bride were fun to photograph, their groomsmen and bridesmaids were pretty awesome too. Check out their very special garden ceremony in E&O below. 🙂

Celebrating Caleb & Tabhita

Assisted by: Wan Ching

Videographers: Wedding Works Studio Cinematix

Venue: Eastern & Oriental Hotel

Caleb&Tabhita_0007 Caleb&Tabhita_0015 Caleb&Tabhita_0025 Caleb&Tabhita_0031 Caleb&Tabhita_0065


Caleb&Tabhita_0066 Caleb&Tabhita_0072 Caleb&Tabhita_0078 Caleb&Tabhita_0088 Caleb&Tabhita_0116 Caleb&Tabhita_0162 Caleb&Tabhita_0195 Caleb&Tabhita_0188 Caleb&Tabhita_0181 Caleb&Tabhita_0198


Caleb&Tabhita_0208 Caleb&Tabhita_0228 Caleb&Tabhita_0273 Caleb&Tabhita_0284 Caleb&Tabhita_0290 Caleb&Tabhita_0305 Caleb&Tabhita_0326 Caleb&Tabhita_0344 Caleb&Tabhita_0369 Caleb&Tabhita_0385 Caleb&Tabhita_0394 Caleb&Tabhita_0401 Caleb&Tabhita_0414 Caleb&Tabhita_0451 Caleb&Tabhita_0538 Caleb&Tabhita_0541

WWS_2798 WWS_2728


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