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This time around, I would love to share our recent work for this lovely couple all the way from Klang. Despite both of their really busy schedule, we’re glad they could squeeze out a day to come to penang to have their lovely session here in one of our penang famous heritage hotel, the E&O hotel.

Without further ado, here comes the pictures!

Beautiful make up by Angela Kang.








Time to update another entry to share my personal life experience as a wedding photographer witnessing couples tying the knot pledging their love for one another. We were honoured to be chosen to capture Edward & Chau Yee’s big day in Sekeping Seapark Petaling Jaya. Its my first time experiencing an actual day in one of these really vintage boutique hotels scattered around malaysia.

We had a great time capturing the beautiful moments of the wedding day while also exploring this really amazing boutique hotel. A big big congratz goes to Edward and Chau Yee again for tying the knot and thank you very very much for having us!


Edward&ChauYee-0302 Edward&ChauYee-0093

Edward&ChauYee-0106 Edward&ChauYee-0221






I’ve always love to captured simple and lovely weddings, filled with warmth and family, and David and Ashley’s wedding 3 years ago was one of my most memorable wedding that I’ve captured in ParkRoyal Penang, I can still vividly remember the joyful moments of the day Ashley walked down the isle with her father, this is the same wedding we met Carly as well who had planned to head of to Canada for a working trip there.

Ashley’s inquiry came in one morning for Carly & Dana’s wedding got us really excited and we were honored to be chosen as her wedding photographer, and moreover whats more exciting was that the wedding will be held in a prison chapel! We had a blast capturing this beautiful wedding. Thank you so much for having us, and a big double thank you for being such a wonderful host. 🙂


William & Anjol are based in HongKong and they decided to come home to their lovely hometown here in penang to celebrate their love. We are honored to be chosen to do both their pre-wedding session and actual wedding day. We had a great session in Yeng Keng Heritage hotel in the heart of Georgetown, I just love the setting and mood there. Despite the really hot weather, both William and Anjol were a sport in posing for me. 🙂 D

Without further ado, below is some of our highlight shots for their pre-wedding.

For more pictures, please view the slideshow below. Enjoy. 🙂

In recent years, Penang has been blooming with boutique hotels with goes along with our famous World UNESCO heritage status. Our lovely couple Shannie and Soo ho decided to have their ceremony  in one of these heritage hotels, specifically The Museum Hotel. It was my first time shooting in this hotel as well as it is pretty new, nevertheless the experience and fun we had shooting in this heritage themed hotel is an eye opener. We had loads of fun shooting the ceremony here. Check out the pictures.




A d d   m e   o n   F a c e b o o k