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What our clients say

Aizad & Seow Hoong


Thank you so much for such a great job done for our wedding photos. Your team is so, so professional and nice, it has been commented by many of our guests too. We appreciate the effort you took to know our friends and families’ names too! We are so happy with the final product, you’ve managed to capture the previous moments of our wedding perfectly, we can’t thank you enough! Keep up the good work, will certainly be recommending you to our friends!

Best wishes,

Seow Hoong & Aizad


Ying Wei & Gerry

CaptureMemories are forever. Many thanks to Victor Hew and Wan Ching for these beautiful moments and whimsical imagery, not forgetting all the wonderful detailing of the album. Both of you are awesome. 🙂

-Ying Wei & Gerry


Soo Lay & Khai Mun


A wonderful photograph takes an instance out of time, immortalising them and challenging words to adequately contain it.

Yet, two simple words are the only way we could convey our sentiment towards you.

“Thank You”

~ For capturing the colours, the contrast and most of all, the genuineness of moments that once lost, are almost impossible to recapture.

~For not taking only the one wonderful photographs, but many.

-Khai Mun & Soo Lay


Adrian & Jinny


We would like to convey our sincerest thanks for the great work and service you have given us so far. We truly appreciate all your help and assistance in the months before the wedding, and we, and our guests, absolutely love the photos and the video shown during that night 🙂 One of my relatives said, “I’m very impressed with the photos!”


Gerard & Alana


Dear Victor & Wan Ching,

Thank you both for your fabulous photography. You really went above and beyond! All of our family (including us!) are grateful to you. We’re also really glad to have two new friends in Penang, and hope you’ll be in touch when you’re back in Australia or the USA!

Warm wishes,

Gerard & Alana


Chow Foong & Yi Hui


Dear Victor & Wan Ching,

From the day we saw your photo albums, we knew that our search for pre-wed photographer was complete.

We love how your pictures are able to highlight the couple incredibly, while the photography session was awesome and fun. Its just like hanging out with our best buds who also happens to be WONDERFUL PHOTOGRAPHERS.

We albsolutely adore the final outcome of the picture album.

-Chow Foong & Yi Hui


Vei Teck & Pooi Yee


Dear Victor & Wan Ching,

Both of you truly captured every single moment for us and the album really does contain memories to treasure! I can’t believe how much each photo captures so much emotion!

Vteck and I experience the great memories that we had from that day just from looking at the photos! Once again,thank you so much Victor and Wan Ching. Hope to see you again in the future. Take care


-Pooi Yee & Vteck


Sonny & Binh


Dear Victor and Wan Ching,
I’ve spent all night repeatedly going the photos over and over again. Totally in love with the beautiful photos. We were soooo lucky to have such amazingly nice weather on that shooting day, despite the nonstop raining several days before and after the shooting day. And thanks for being vegetable for the pray of that day’s nice weather. Sincerely appreciate that.
Thanks for your extremely hard work and patience with us during the shoot. I knew that we’re super duper amateur and it was amazing how you could patiently guide and cheer us up to capture our beautiful moments and memory with Penang. We really couldn’t ask for more.
Wish you all the best in the future and a happy, successful life (with the coming of a lovely new member :D)
Warmest Regards,
Binh Dang

P.S. Please also send my special thanks to Angela for the lovely gown and Sam for beautiful make up.


Jeremy & Chloe


Hi Vic, just want to thank Wan Ching and you from the heart. Thanks for accommodating the both of us. It was certainly an amazing experience working with the both of you as we ventured into uncharted waters to the amazing hills of Penang.

Thanks for teaching me how to pose for the camera. My wife on the other hand is a naturalist. We certainly felt comfortable working with the both of you and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

If anyone of you are looking for a professional photographer, look no further because Victor is the right man for the job. He is professional, easy to get along with, helpful, accommodating, friendly and down to earth. Most importantly he is passionate about his job and he is really good at it.


Jessy & Kenny


Dear Victor & Wan Ching,

Without a doubt we are thrilled to have both of you in our wedding. Thanks and well done!

You have captured us in the mood and spirit perfectly in our big day.

Friendship continues…

With Love,

Kenny & Jessy


Steven & Sue Lin


Hi Victor & Wan Ching, 

Phewww it’s finally over! It was pretty crazy but yes it’s over!
Everything came together so perfectly (well..the day ceremony, that was a sweat bath!) and we couldn’t be happier to have your team as our wedding photographer AND VIDEOGRAPHER to capture all the beautiful moments that I am sure we will enjoy and cherish for a lifetime!
I’ve always seen Victor as a family friend since I met him 5 – 6 years back during elaine’s wedding! I guess since then I’ve decided that I wanted this tall funny photographer to be my wedding photographer. And looking at the photos taken during Angeline’s wedding only reaffirm that decision I’ve made back then. Thanks for everything, it was truly a dream come true to have you at our wedding with us.
I would also like to thank Wan Ching a lot, thanks for being so understanding of our situation and being able to continuously work together with me to help us keep everything within our budget for us. I’m pretty sure I had a couple of bridezilla moments, but what you’ve done for us meant so much to us during the time when we had to cope with the hundred days wedding pressure. Thank you so much!
Sue Lin & Steven


Ban Kim & Man Yee



Carly & Dana

Thank you again guys. We are so thrilled you captured our big day and now my beautiful sister.

You have done such an incredible job of both weddings and have created memories with all of us that we will never forget. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon in PG Quah Ching andVictor Hew. Xoxox Ashley


Rachel & Chin Wuu

Thank you very much, Victor, to make our wedding a huge success!

My hubby and I really enjoy the photos and your service. The photo is absolutely nice and captured every meaningful moments. We are really impressed by your harding working. You are so friendly and thoughtful, always look into the details. The thing I appreciated most is your patience. With your patient guide, we can have very nature expression and post. I have been to many wedding, but you are the best photographer I meet, both your masterpiece, and attitude. Furthermore, the process afterwards is also very fast and efficient. I got my photo only after 4 weeks, of course, they are very high-level. I feel so lucky and blessed that I can have you to be my big day photographer.

Hope you all the best and thank you again!

Rachel & Chin Wuu


Kenneth & Brenda

Dear Victor & Wan Ching,

First, hats off to both of you who did an incredible job on our wedding photography. It has always been my dream to shoot in Paris and choosing you, Victor as our photographer has got to be one of the best decisions we made. You have captured not only the romance and beauty of the place but also the love between us in your shots. Wan Ching, you have been an amazing assistant to us as well and without you, we wouldn’t have managed to have the birds to enhance the shots.

We couldn’t thank you both enough for the effort and time invested in our shoot. These photos will be one of our sweetest memories that Kenneth and I will cherish for a lifetime and will forever remember both of you fondly as the people who made it happen.

Here is from being your clients to now becoming your friends!


Brenda & Kenneth


Vanan & Haanu

Thank you so much Victor..We really loved your every shots and thank you again for making things so easy and comfy for us and for going out of your way for us. Really appreciate every single bit Victor!



LC & Andrew

Hi Victor, finally had a good look at the photos! they are amazingly beautiful and am so glad you and Wan Ching were our trustable photographers on that day – capturing every single moments that happened and making it memorable for both of us. Can’t wait for the DVD to print them out and have it sent to our relatives.

Thank you so so much and appreciate your effort truly…

Sincerely,  LC & Andrew


Tim & Daphne

Hi Victor,
Hope you are well. I’ve been busy and meant to drop you this email as soon as we got the photos. Just want to thank you for the wonderful pictures you took at our wedding. We really like the photos! We think you did a good job in capturing the natural moments which is exactly what we want. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work 🙂
Best regards,


Jayesh & Alicia

Dear Victor,

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding!! You have done such an amazing job in capturing all our special moments!

Warmest Regards,

Alicia & Jayesh


Gareth & Su Yen

Dear Victor & Wan Ching,

Thank you very much for making our special event eternally blissful with your lovely photos. Your ability to capture those ‘moment’ are uncanny but great. All the best in your endeavors and thanks again.

Suyen & Gareth


Victor & Melissa

Hi Victor,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having you as our photographer for our engagement shoot. Your approach has been very professional and relaxing, and no doubt I would be recommending your services to my friends and family  should they need a photographer in Malaysia or  abroad.
Melissa and I wish you the very best for your future endeavours


Augustin & Ai Chin

Hey Victor, we’ve received the CD. We were impressed with the packaging of the CD and the slideshow you made for us, not mentioning the marvelous photos which recorded all the sweet moments of the day. Just wanna drop you a note to thank you, Wan Ching and JW for everything you did including sending the CD to HK! Choosing you as our photographer is one of the best decisions we’ve made for the day. Keep up the good work and we are sure you will be one of the top photographers one day! Cheers!


Ker Wee & Yan Hui

Hii Victor and Wan Ching!

Thanks so much for coming down to Singapore to help us do the photoshoot last week and for buying us lunch. Just came across the photos you have posted up at Facebook and we are very impressed with it and can’t wait to see the rest of the albums soon. I have previously heard many horror stories about the torture of doing a pre-wedding photoshoot, but both of you really made it an enjoyable session. We really look forward to engaging you guys in the near future to help us record other milestones in our lives.


Ronald & Meng Hui

Just want to drop you a line to say thank you again to you and your girl friend throughout our trip in Bali. You are not just a great photographer in taking photos but also a caring and thoughtful photographer for your about our safety, feeling and emotion. Ron and I appreciate your hardwork very much.

Show us some of the photos when they are ready.we can’t wait to see out “handwork” for last few days:)



Meng hui


Martin & Lynndee

Thanks so much for the lovely photographs. Brings back a lot of good memories! 🙂 Thanks for being professional in your service and for capturing all the moments right down to the goofiness of our families :D. Appreciate your punctuality and the artistic shots.

Love the simple and classy casing of the CD-s too.

Fabulous job on the morning slide show – simply lovely and the song was so apt. The tone, the mood of the pictures – wow 🙂

– Martin & Lynndee


Eugene & Seok Huey


“First of all, a BIG thank you to Victor & Wan Ching for making our big day such a memorable one! We are glad we chose them to be our photographers – capturing all precious moments. From the first time we met till the actual day, this guy has been awesomely GREAT!


Victor, is someone that is so good at his work that you can just be yourself, and leave it to him to do the rest. During the portrait shoot, we were having so much FUN, and were hoping that it never ends (though at times it can be tiring….hehe)! His passion and love for photography is absolutely conspicuous! J  His jovial, fun-filled character really makes your big day stress-free! He is artistic and creative too. When you see how he get the shootings done (done perfectly!), all you can say is ‘WoW’!  We truly admire his ardor in photography and with this; it will bring him very far!


Not forgetting Wan Ching, who played a crucial part in capturing beautiful pictures. Thanks dearie! She appears in places where you least expected and catches the candid shots! Haha…Both of them make a perfect team! So cohesive!


12th Feb 2011 marked a very important day in our lives and we are so honored to have Victor & Wan Ching sharing it with us!



All the best to you, Victor & Wan Ching!

Keep up the good work and looking forward to more stunning photos from you! Take care!  ”



Jeff & Lisa

“Letting you know that we received the DVD’s and they were awesome! We also managed to show the slide show during the dinner reception here and we got so many wonderful comments about them.


Anyway, we just want you to know that our experience with you has been amazing. Right from the initial contact till the end, you have been professional and made us feel so comfortable.  You are a gifted photographer and the quality of the photos prove it, remaining cool and collected even when we weren’t (with time constraints and requests).  Never being intrusive and always willing to get “the shot” we were looking for.  You went over and beyond by helping my dad out with his slides and providing support for us here in Canada. We have absolutely no regrets having you shoot our special day and indeed, have many wonderful pictures to remind us of that day for years to come.


Thank you so much!


Lisa & Jeff




Linus & Jesamine

Thank you so much for all the work you did. When we hired you, we didnt hire you because we knew you from Intel. We looked at sooo many photographers, even considering hiring from KLor bringing back from the US. But we didnt, we had many options but we hired you because we believe in your work. After seeing the photos, we know we definitely madethe right choice. YOU are a very talented individual. You made us feel relax and you captured the true expressions of the wedding. You’re easy to work with and most importantly you have a passion for photography.Thanks to you and Wan Ching,we have wedding photographs we can be proud of. Thanks for all the hard workKeep up the good work~Looking forward to see more great work from you… 🙂


Linus n Jes




David & Ashley

Hi Victor We are back in Australia now. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful job you did of our wedding. We are so thankful for the amazing photos you took and making the night very fun 🙂 I can not think of a better person to do photography you have a great personality and are very professional at your job. So if anyone needs a photographer for any occasion please consider using Victor Hew .. you will not regret it. We wish you all the best for the future and if your ever in Perth let us know : )




Rory & Melanie

These photos are AMAZING, i can’t wait to see the rest, i’m literally blown away. Thank you both so much for such a relaxed, fun experience. The engineering community has lost where the photographic community has gained. BIG TIME.

Thanks again!







Erik & Irene


“Thanks for the excellent slideshow and your constant support. The wedding was a great success thanks to your help. Thanks!”


Victor Hew photography made our wedding day a huge success.  They were very reliable, excellent communication, always friendly and helpful – even helping Irene come up with some of the games.  Thanks to Victor and Wan Ching, we have a beautiful collection of all the special moments to cherish for the rest of our lives.  We couldn’t be happier, thanks guys!

– Erik & Irene Johansen



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