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A lovely Garden Wedding at E&O Hotel Penang – Gerard & Alana

We’ve got to know Gerard and Alana 2 years ago when we had a really fun engagement shoot in penang. I’ve always remember this lovely couple as Gerard is our first client who is a philosopher with a long ponytail, while Alana is a tall and elegant bride. Shooting their engagement session was a breeze as both of them shares lots of laughter just being together.

This year, they’ve decided to come back to Malaysia to have their wedding reception here in our very beautiful heritage E&O hotel having a garden ceremony here. We are happy and glad to be chosen to be their photographer for the big day and ¬†we had loads of fun capturing these beautiful moments for them.

Lastly, our heartiest congratulation goes out to both Gerard and Alana, may you both have a happy blessed marriage life.

Make up by: Angela Kang

Gerard&Alana-0016 Gerard&Alana-0019 Gerard&Alana-0037 Gerard&Alana-0090 Gerard&Alana-0108 Gerard&Alana-0124
Gerard&Alana-0220 Gerard&Alana-0243 Gerard&Alana-0261 Gerard&Alana-0294


Gerard&Alana-0580 Gerard&Alana-0793 Gerard&Alana-0821 Gerard&Alana-0823 VHP_8007 VHP_8040 VHP_81292 NDF_1682 NDF_1649

  • January 11, 2015 - 7:05 pm

    GOH - Hi Victor,

    I would like to inquire about the packages for pre-wed and actual day photography.
    Would like to know the price and what is included for the pre-wed as well as for 2 sessions on actual day and if videographer is included. If we take both pre-wed and actual day from you, how much will the price difference be?

    We are planning on before June 2015 for pre-wed session,and our wedding will probably be in June 2016.
    Look forward to your reply.

  • March 13, 2015 - 3:51 pm

    vikneswaran manoharan - Hi victor,
    I would like to inquire about the packages for engagement .Would like to know the price and what is included for the engagement . We planned to do our engagement end of this year maybe . Feedback needed . Thank You

  • March 3, 2016 - 10:48 am

    Anne Yuen - How can I get in touch with you regarding photography?

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