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Jim & Isabelle Church Wedding

Pheww, its been quite some time since I last updated my wedding work. Partly I was pretty tied down with some portraiture work, and lots of babies and kids photography associated with Anyway, here is Jim and Isabelle, a pair of lovely couple from the states, came back to penang for their ceremony. I love the story of how they met, Jim is studying in the states, while Belle resides in down under, I recall one of the funny things that he did is convincing this lecturer that australian law is interesting just to secure a flight ticket to australia to study australian law but in fact to meet up with Belle, all the way from the states. Jim’s story just so touching when they shared about how they met, and what they did to make this love blossom.

Lastly, here is Jim’s quote of the day, “love is madness”.  Madness of doing things you couldn’t imagine that you would do in the name of love.

Well, I guess madness is what makes this special day so special.

To Jim and Isabelle, both of you are so wonderful together. May God bless you with loads and loads of happiness in your lives.

Here are a few simple shots of the day.

I love these few shots below in B/W, it just makes the moment perfect.

her silent prayer

of course, this very important moment 🙂

on to some portraiture shots

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