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Moments of Holy Matrimony

I love church weddings assignments. A wedding instituted and ordained by God for the lifelong relationship between one man as husband and one woman as wife as per described in wiki, Christians calls it Holy Matrimony. 😀 In this ceremony, there are lots of beautiful moments going on during the ceremony, which includes the walk in, the prayers, the signing and of course not forgetting the “Yes, I do” part.

However, there is always one moment which always gives me a very deep impression, the moment  “giving the bride away by Dear daddy”.

This is the moment where the bride will walk down the aisle up to the altar where the groom awaits, holding her father’s hand. Upon reaching the altar, dear daddy will let go off his hand and give his daughter’s hand in marriage to the groom, a symbol of the blessings and support of her union as a promise of  continued trust and affection. Though its a quick short and simple   This life changing moment is filled with lots of emotions, emotions on the bride, emotions on the groom, and of course, dear daddy himself. The moment of handing over his daughter, trusting and blessing their marriage.

I won’t be sharing lots of photo here today, but two very important shots of the ceremony

This was taken in one of my recent wedding assignments. Check out Isabelle’s happy moment.

Below is another awesome shot which vividly records down this very important moment of Ivan and Tse Yi

Aren’t they a moment to be remembered forever? 🙂

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